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Welcome to my Fitness Tips

To keep yourself in good shape is a important part of anti aging. With my fitness tips I like to help you in a easy way to do something for your body. Even though you might not be a very sporty person a few simple exercises will help you on the way. We are not here to run a marathon or to win medals. It only takes a little motivation to get started and to find out for yourself which sports you like to do.

But remember, No matter which type of sport you choose drink enough water and don't overdo !

Mineral water keeps you going


Swimming is one of the healthiest sports. It's a very effective kind of training because all important muscle groups are required and it strengthens the heart circulation system. In water we are almost weightless and therefore swimming is best for our joints.This is a great advantage for overweight people, seniors and pregnant woman but also for everyone who wants to stay on a good fitness level.

If you like water then this sport is perfect for you. Start your fitness programm with a regular training. I recommend once or twice a week to get your body use to this exercise and to improve your performance. Begin to swim a few lenghts and then slowly enhance these.

You'll be surprised how good you feel and how much better you will look. Muscle tension looses and the massage effect of the water makes your body slim and encreases the firmness of your skin. You can be sure, soon all eyes will be on you :-)

Stay fit on your eye care too

You are not a Swimmer ? No proplem

Here Is Another Fitness Tip


Jogging is an endurance sport that almost all people can practice. All you need is suitable clothing, go outside and get started wherever and whenever you like. It's the ideal sport for everybody,even unsporting persons. An effective run training will optimize your fitness level, you'll feel more balanced and improve a better figure. My healthy snacks tips are just right for that matter !

But before you begin, be sure to make a medical checkup, this way you can start your fitness training without taking the risk of beeing overstrained. Jogging is a good fitness tip to reduce stress and helps you to stay physically and mentally fit for a long time.

Fitness training always starts with a warm up. I recommend about 10 minutes to warm up the muscles before you start running. My fitness tips for beginners, start walking, then slowly increase your tempo,take a break if it gets too exhausting and then move on.

The more often you do this, the better your condition and your training effect. In time you will intensify your Jogging, but don't overreach oneself. Always remember, sport should be fun and give you the fitness you desire.

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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is another fitness tip for all those who like endurance sports. This sport is gaining more and more recognition because it trains the whole body and you can be active outside breathing in the fresh air.

Nordic walking invigorates the heart and blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism, burns calories and strengthens your immune system. The application of nordic walking poles also has an very positive fitness effect on your arms, shoulders and back, and the risk of injury is very low. My fitnesstips on this one...

Depending on your physical condition you should begin with some stretching to warm up and then walk for about an hour. Stress free and relaxed. Especially if you are a beginner, take it easy, you don't have to walk long distances immediately.

To avoid mistakes and to learn the right technic of Nordic walking it's best to do this in a group under the supervision of a trainer. Regular Nordic walking tightens the entire body muscles, improves the oxygen supply and activates fat burning.

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