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Mineral water has become an essential part of our daily lifes. It tastes good, it's refreshing, it's healthy and you can buy it everywhere. And we can choose from two types, carbonated or still. For the preparation of baby food and the mixing of soft drinks it is ideal, but also in the sporting field it has become indispensable.

The human body not only needs exercise to stay fit but also plenty of liquid to function well. It is therefore very important to make sure that we drink enough during the day. About 2-3 liters are enough. Limonades containing much sugar are unsuitable because of its high calorie content and these drinks won't quench your thirst for long.

This special wonder of nature is found in very deep layers of the earth containing valuable minerals and trace elements. But no additives, preservatives or sugar. Unlike tap water it is much softer and lime-free, with a better flavor and therefore much healthier too. Differences in quality are found in the calcium, magnesium and carbon dioxide content of some sorts and from which spring it was obtained.

A good table water should provide these ingredients in a sufficient quantity. I personally drink the still brand because I'm impatient of carbonic acid. It took me quiet a while to find out why I always had stomach and belly cramps but then I just stopped drinking carbonated beverages and everything was fine with me again. But that's only on the side here.

Doing sports is very good and very healthy regardless of all ages. Depending on the intensity of your personal workout always keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough liquids. When sweating the body loses salt and water and this needs to be refilled. If not, this can cause dehydration leading to muscle cramps, loss of coordination and reduced performance. Unlike sugary drinks mineral water is calorie free, quenches your thirst and provides our organism with minerals to stay active.

A balanced and adequate intake of liquid during the day combined with light, healthy food and sporting activity is ideal for an intact immune system. The skin will get a fresh and healthy appearance which in turn results in less wrinkling. Our metabolism is activated and the removal of waste material hereby supported. Particularly for elderly people this is increasingly important because they often drink too little. So you see, drinking enough mineral water is a good decision for your health whether your young or old.

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