Periodically Check Up Can Safe Your Life

Moles are small skin tumors which can appear all over the body. They mainly differ in size and color and are normally harmless. These birthmarks are benign lesions and arise through exessive pigmentation of pigment forming skin cells. Young and old people can be affected, but in particular increasing age moles become more common. Frequently inheritance also plays a role and sometimes the whole body is covered.

Important is a regular monitoring of this skin alterations to prevent skin cancer. Even if a small spot looks more like a freckle it's better to be attentive. In many cases, what seemed to be just a harmless mole unfortunately turned out to be a melanom in the worst case. In dermatology we find the ABCDE-rule which is specifically applied for birthmarks. Asymmetry, Boundery line, Color, Dimension, Elevation.

Liver spots can change over time and sometimes become dangerous. But you can simply apply the ABCDE-rule at home everytime you check your spots. Watch the shape, is it round ? How does the boundery line look ? It should be clean without irregular edges. Pay attention to the color, it can verify from light or dark brown, red, dark black or even white.

The dimension and elevation, has it obviously changed lately ? Did you observe any bleeding now and then ? If a spot has a very dark black color with uneven edges, maybe even changed size, the best thing to do is to visit your dermatologist as soon as possible.

People who have many birthmarks should regularly visit a dermatologist to be on the safe side. If a liver spot looks critical it will be removed and send to the histology for research. This is very important to find out whether it's harmless or maybe the beginning of skin cancer. So the earlier it's been examined the better.

Also, the irresponsible handling with sun exposure is very dangerous here. Every year the number of new melanom cases increases and this could be prevented through regular preventive medical checkups. Because if identified at an early stage, skin cancer can be treated effectively and successfully healed.

Two clients of mine who come for cosmetic treatments have a large number of moles and I always take some time to check them. If something seems suspicious they know my recommendation. Having birthmarks is nothing to be in panic about, some can even look like a beauty spot :-) Attention, regular check ups and clever sun bathing will keep you on the safe side.


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