Freckles Time

Freckles are small light or dark brown spots which can appear on your face, shoulders, decollete and back. These body regions are mostly exposed to sunlight and react very sensitive on too much UV radiation. Light skin people with red or blond hair often face this proplem because of their delicate skin type.

Having freckles can look very cute and many people just accept them while others are simply annoyed and would rather get rid of them as quick as possible. So the best way to prevent this spots would be if we all stay out of the sun. But I don't think life is good without warm sunbeams and I love summertime, to me the best time of the year :-)

So the only way to keep your complexion soft and tender like a princess is to use high sun protection and avoid the midday heat. As soon as our skin get touched by sunlight, the melanocytes start working. No, melanocytes are not little aliens from out of space, they are simply small pigment producing skin cells which causes our skin to tan:-)

Having a nice tan is at the same time a good protection against harmful UV radiation. But let's say we decide to get fried in the hot sun for hours like a french fried, this cells will get badly damaged loosing it's protective effect. With the result that we end up looking like red chili pepper and having freckles.

That's why you should really act responsible where the sun is concerned. It's best to use a very high sun protection factor between 30-50 SPF. Important is the repeated application several times a day to keep up the safety factor for the skin. If you only apply it once a day it won't be enough because through sweating and bathing this protective shield will decrease and the risk to get freckles becomes higher.

If you are already victimized by these spots you should check them regularly. Sometimes a spot turns out to be a mole and therefore it's always a good decision to visit your cosmetician or dermatologist to prevent bad news like skin cancer. There are several products offered on the market to brighten up these spots but most of them do not keep their promise.

Some bleeching creams may lighten up the affected areas a little bit but I've never really seen or heard about truly successful removal. I've made very good experiences with Vitamin E pre-treatments to strengthen the skin's own protection before my clients enjoy the sunlight. Vitamin A cures in the form of ampoules, daily applied, can also be very effective to regenerate the affected areas.

If you find your freckles really annoying maybe you should consider a laser treatment. This treatment is carried out very often and seem to be very successful in some cases. Through special laser lights the pigmentation will be removed and the spots finally disappear. Still, my recommendation on this one is, get yourself very well informed and visit a excellent dermatologist before you decide to get lasered. This is very important for you to be on the safe side, having your skin and spots examined professionally to prevent damages.

There is not a 100% guarantee that all your spots will be removed after one or more sessions. A good dermatologist must show you before and after pictures of patients he treated for you to get a good overview and feel more comfortable. Laser treatments are often used for aesthetically unpleasing skin changes and are almost painless. Depending on your skin type and sensation of pain I believe it's a great development in the cosmetics field.

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