Wrinkle treatment with Fleecemasks

This special wrinkle treatment is the one to choose whenever certain signs of skin ageing become noticable, like your skin is loosing energy, moisture and elasticity and you are looking tired.

These masks are gentle anti aging treatments helping stressed skin to generate and look fresh again. I love using them because they are easy to apply and always leave my clients with a smooth and radiant complexion. To me they are a very important component and a perfect addition to anti aging skin care.

Fleecemasks are very thin and feel pleasant on the skin. You get a fresh and long lasting anti aging effect as they promote the circulation and stimulate the cell regeneration in a naturel way improving the skins tension.

I only use high quality plant-based Fleecemasks because of their excellent skin compatibility. Dermatological studies as well as my practical experiences prove, when used regularly the tautening effect last much longer and guess what...You look much younger !

They are available with different active ingredients especially tailored to the needs of your skin.

Let me give you a short overview of the advantages of this powerful wrinkle treatment.

My favorites are:

Allantoin and Panthenol

Absolutely great for demanding,sensitive,tired and stressed skin. Regenerating and caring

Aloe Vera

For dry, sensitive and irritated skin, especially after UV radiation.Special care for skintypes with a tendency to inflammations.

Fruit Acid

Regenerating and smoothing

Mild fruit acids eliminate dead cells and leave your skin looking smoother.Very good results with cornified acne skin and perfect for a gentle natural acne treatment.

A few treatments provides a youthful skin appearance, with less wrinkles and a smooth complexion which may last for several months depending on your skin type and the right products you use at home.

Ask your beautician for this special intensive treatment.

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