Warts Attack

Warts are small, harmless skin growths and can appear at any age. They are caused by a virus, the so called human papillomavirus. Typical locations are the hands, the feet, face and sometimes even other parts of the body. Very often children and young people in puperty are attacked by these unpretty skin alterations.

The surface almost looks like a cauliflower and they can be very annoying and persistant, which means this calls for a lot of patience to get rid of them again. Just imagine you wake up one morning realizing you got a cauliflower growing on your nose and you're thinking...smash it :-)) But stop, do not carry out this thought, because they are contagious and bleeding must be avoided to prevent them from spreading around. Sometimes they disappear on its own after a period of time, but they can also be a constant compagnion for month or even years.

There Are Many Different Types. Here Are The Most Common.

Common Type: That's the type you often find on hands, especially the fingers and other body regions.

Plantar Type: Often found on the sole of the feet. Can be painful sometimes.

Flat Type: Commonly on the face, the neck, hands and knees.

Having any of these types is really unpleasant, even though some people might say it don't bother them. Still, this skin growths should be treated to prevent them from bleeding and to avoid the risk of other people getting infected too. Warts on fingers makes people want to hide their hands because they feel uncomfortable, and having them on your face is even worse because you can't walk around the place with a scarf around your head whole day. Its even worse if the day is hotter than hot, about 40 degrees and more :-)

Of course you can hide them if they attacked you under your feet, it's like jump in your shoes and you're done. But unfortunately its not. They can get bigger in size and become painful, making every step you take a torture. So it's time to take action and do something about it.

Wart Removal With Laser

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First of all, it's good to visit your dermatologist because he can diagnose which type you have and then decide the right treatment. Do not scratch or try to remove them on your own, the risk of bleeding and spreading is too high. Just leave them as they are, take a look and say...you're time is up :-)

Salicylic acid

This is a substance that is often used to remove the skin growths. Your dermatologist will apply it on your warts and you have to continue this treatment at home every day. You can also get products containing salicylic acid in the drugstores. To get rid of them as quick as possible the acid needs to be applied regularly, night and day. But don't lose your patience...they can be extremely stubborn.


Yes, we can ! The freezing method is a treatment to remove them by coldness. There have been good results with this. You actually freeze the skin growths away by using aerosol spray. These sprays are nonprescriptive and must be applied directly to the affected area.


Cantharidin is applied on the warts and then bandaged for a few hours. This treatment will be carried out by a dermatologist as this substance is chemical and needs to be reviewed. After removing the bandage any remains of dead skin cells will be scaled out. In some cases this has been effective to remove the skin growths.


Laser beams can be very helpful and are carried out quiet often. The laser beams cut off the blood supply of the wart. This way the skin growth dries out and finally falls off. Depending on the size and sensibility you might feel a little burning, but usually this treatment is painless.

Laser treatments are expensive, but if you have serious proplems with this skin alterations it is a good choice to think about it. You should discuss the pros and cons with your doctor to be on the safe side.

A weak immune system is one reason why people get this skin alterations. That's why a good vitamin supply through healthy food is important. Wearing slippers in indoor pools, saunas, showers, hotel rooms and solarium can decrease the risk of getting these unpleasant companions.

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