Vitamin D

Are You Getting Enough ?

Vitamin D is one of the most important substance for our body. But what is so special about it ? Our body needs different vitamins to function well. And we consume most of it with the food we eat. Unfortunately our daily delicious meals do not provide us with enough vitamin D.

You can keep your eyes on a mouth watering bufett, your tummy rumbles, and you are ready to attack the gourmet temple thinking, Wow... exactly what I need to keep my crispness. Still, Mr. D is running free. So what can we do to catch up with him and enjoy its advantages ? It's easy, we have to be faster.

To be more precisely, this substance actually is a hormon which is produced by the body itself. Oh yes, how lucky we are. But there is a catch. To benefit from its advantages we need the sunlight. Because through the sunlight our body gets this little extra push to stimulate the vitamin d production process. Without enough sunshine we all get undersupplied of this substance and the risk of health proplems increases.

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You may not be aware of the negative side effects right away, but in the long run, slowly but surely, you feel that something is wrong with you. Having a deficiency of this substance can lead to serious diseases like rickets, particularly with children, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and even cancer. That's why this vitamin is so specific, it helps the body to store and absorb calcium to strengthen our bones and teeth. So if you want to bite in your apple with pleasure, especially at an advanced age, get enough of this substance and ...Bite with a smile :-)

Many people do not have the advantage to live in a place where the sun is shining all through the year. Like me, for example. I live in a four season country, but for me two seasons would be just fine, spring and summer and then forget the rest. Wearing light clothes all day, feeling the warm sunshine on my skin and my body goes like, Mr.D come for me :-)) But unfortunately autumn and winter are the darkest month and so I have to provide my body with this substance in another way. And luckily there are foods that naturally contain this vitamin. Oh happy me, it's fishtime.

Only a few oily fishes like salmon, tuna fish, herrings, mackerel, trouts and halibut are vitamin d carriers. A delicious fishmeal twice a week will be perfect for you, if you are a fish lover. I remember when I was a teenie, my mother got the strange idea to come home with a bottle of cod liver oil. You know what I'm getting at, right ? Yes, she gave me a spoonful and I was running like hell to get rid of it again. How can something taste so horrible ? I know they say it's very healthy and I'm sure it is, but honestly, I prefer my salmon and tuna fish.

If you don't like fish at all you should bring in some dairy produce and eggs in your menu. Cheese, butter, spinach, mushrooms and avocado are also good sources of vitamin d. If you like meat, then veal or innards like liver will provide you with this substance as well. Many elderly people for example suffer from a deficiency of this substance, partly because they don't go outside as much as they use to and getting less sunlight. Pregnant women need a good vitamin d supply to stay healthy because it can prevent premature labor, infections, diabetes and premature births. Scientific studys have prooven this many times.

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