Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are unattractive companions. Unfortunately they are very common among elderly people but also youngsters can be affected. There are a number of reasons why they occur. If you have family members who have this problem you can speak of heredity. But also aging, extended periods of sitting and standing, overweight, pregnancy and the menopausal years are critical factors. The main cause is a weakness of the vein walls which makes it unable for them to cope with the blood pressure from within the body. This eventually results in loss of elasticity causing the blood to move backwards instead of towards the heart. The unwanted side effects are blue, twisted and sometimes painful veins.

* Typical symptomes can be pain like sudden cramps, burning, throbbing, swelling and heaviness in the legs.

In the past, aging has been assumed to be one of the main reasons, but more and more young woman notice these fine, thin blue lines on their upper thighs and legs.These are spider veins and can be very disturbing, especially from the cosmetic point of view. A very weak connective tissue is responsible for this beauty flaw and therefore easily visible through the skin's surface. This type of venous disease can sometimes cause a burning or ichting but it's not dangerous. Some of my clients even have them on their face. We call them teleangiectases or couperosis.

If you are affected by this I recommend you to avoid hot showers and excessive sun exposure. Heat can have a negative impact on your veins and that's the reason why you should also avoid hot waxing. A good alternative are cold wax strips or hair removal creams. Varicose veins can sometimes lead to problems. Thrombosis is the most serious to consider. This happens if a blood clot in the vein travels to the lungs or the heart, with disastrous consequences. So please, never massage your legs if you have this venous problem !

A regular visit at your professional phlebologist is important to recognize any changes and to prevent serious problems for your health. And fortunately there are some treatments which can improve a better life with varicose veins. Compression stockings can be a relief and improve your veins function. I know, they are not very sexy but very effective :-) As the name already says, the compression will help to increase the blood circulation through the pressure on the legs. This relieves the strain on your legs and provides a better blood flow directly to the heart.

If you consider surgery, take your time and a good advice from your doctor to choose the best clinic for you. I've had a client who got their varicose veins removed through surgery several times with very good results and almost no scars at all. Quality and professionality counts here ! I don't know for other countrys, but in Germany we have a clinic that is specialised in the treatment and removal of varicose veins. During surgery the vein will be removed completely. The surgeons will do this through small cuts in the skin and then pull the vein out of the leg. I saw my clients leg afterwards and it really looked great ! But as I said...choose a good clinic even though the operation is considerd to to be safe.

Smaller varicose or spider veins can also be removed through laser treatments. This procedure is almost painless and a good alternative to common surgerys. The laser light will be directly pointed out to the affected area. Through the heat of the laser, the veins will slowly disappear and surrounding tissues won't get damaged. Depending on the size and variety of the veins more then one session could be necessary to achieve best results.

Sclerotherapy is the most commonly treatment. In this procedure special medication is used to close the veins permanently. The medication is injected into the vessels causing them to shrink. During the following weeks the body naturally absorbs the treated vein. This treatment also requires patience and good aftercare to be successful. Sclerotherapy is one of the oldest medical techniques and has evolved more and more through modern techniques during the past years.

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