Prevent Sunburn

The number of light induced skin damages through sunburn has increased dramatically in recent years. The reason for this is often a lack of interest, unawareness and wrong attidude to the ideal of beauty. Today it often seems to me that getting a tan has to be quick and the darker the tan the better. I often watch people lying on the beach in the midday heat for hours obviousely not knowing how dangerous this is. Here serious skin damages are preprogrammed for a long time to come.

Every sunburn, even the slightest is a inflammatory redness of your skin and not be taken lightly. This reaction is caused by too much UV radiation if you don't protect yourself through clothing and suitable skin care products with a high UV protection filter. Certain parts of our skin like the shoulders, nose, ears, decollete and also our feet are very sensitive. Some people claim they could go outside and never get burn, that may be so, but everybody is different and every skin has it's own self protection time.

The skin cells can be seriously effected which can lead to premature skin ageing and skin cancer in the worst case. Especially if you have many birthmarks the risk of malignant melanoma, black skin cancer, is very high. Sadly many children are often effected by this beeing naked outside near the sea exposed to UV radiation for hours. Even though a light breeze is blowing at the sea the solar radiation is very intensive and can be fatal for kids and addults. T-Shirts, caps, high protection and a responsible handling with the sun can prevent this.

Premature skin aging is another negative side effect. I've seen many people with a dark tanned complexion looking very old even though they are still at a young age. Deep wrinkles, dry inelastic skin and pigmentation spots caused by too much light, to name only a few sun damages here. And I must say it clearly, these damages are irreparable. But it doesn't have to be that way. The secret of a beautiful and healthy tan is TAN SLOWLY !

The more slowly you tan the longer your tan will last. And you prevent the painful experience of sunburns. Get your skin use to UV radiation and apply a high protection factor. Repeat this several times a day. For Children and addults with sensitive skin I recommend a protection factor of at least 25.

Once your are lightly tanned your skin will begin to protect itself through the natural melanin forming process. But continue creaming. This is very important. Avoid the midday heat if possible and for those who do not know it yet, you also get a beautiful tan if you use the shadow of a tree.

If you got sunburned it's best to calm your skin with cooling and moisturizing lotions. Aloe Vera is very good for this.Stay out of the sun and protect yourself with suitable clothing.

A cool shower or cooling compresses can also be helpful but only if your skin does not show any signs of blistering.

Do not use products containing too much oil to prevent heat accumulation in your skin.

I recommend you to consult a doctor if the condition of your skin is not getting better !

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