Sensitive Skin Needs Gentle Care

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Sensitive skin is a very common skin type demanding intensive care and protection. And often it is difficult to find a mild and compatible skin care which best suits its needs. If you have proplems with skin redness, irritations and dryness, you should pay attention which cosmetic products you are using. Conventional cosmetics often contain critical ingredients and can make your sensitive skin even worse. But also external influences like coldness or heat, agressive detergents and to much solarium are absolutely harmful.

The best Solution

A healthy care should strengthen the skin barrier, optimise the moisture content and make her silky and smooth again. High quality bionome products meet this requirements without damaging your skin. Because only natural oils, plant based lipids and liposomes are used, the condition of you skin will improve, resulting in less irritations. These creams and lotions are free of alcohol and colourings and do not contain any preservatives or content of death animals either.

If you have used conventional cosmetics before and you decide to change to a natural care line please note that your skin needs a little time to get accustomed to this products. You will see that the texture of these creams differ to what you are use to, the reason for this are the healthy and natural active agents and because they are made on the basis of skin-identical substances.

This way you can be sure that you have a very good and highly skin compatible beauty line, that if used regularly,will positively improve your complexion.

Please avoid combining your bionome skin care with conventional products as this can cause undesirable effects. Stay with your beauty line and apply them morning and night regularly.

After you use this products for a while you will notice a positive improvement as your sensitive skin barrier will be regenerated and therefore much more resistant to external influences. So you are on the best way to a beautiful and healthy skin !

Please keep this in mind...

Avoid conventionell products containing mineral oil, colouring, perfume, preservatives or content of death animals.

Always use sun protection and keep away from to much sun exposure.

Avoid extreme temperatures like solarium and sauna, or to much coldness.

Prefer wet shaving, it's more gentle for your skin.

Use green tinted concealers to cover up redness and spots.

Avoid rough skin peelings or fruit-acid-peels.

Reduce spicy food, alcohol and too much coffee.

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