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Mens Health is just as important as womens health. The only difference is that they have different needs. Special vitamins and nutrition help to stay fit and vital to an advanced age. And believe me, men are vein too. Which means they like to look good, with shiny skin, nice hair and a six pack :-) Let's be honest, we all like to see a man doing sports, eating good foods, taking care of his skin and if his character is great too, then me oh my, go for that sexy guy.

But to reach this condition it takes a good will and a lot of discipline. Unfortunately male persons often neglect their body and are therefore at risk to get sick. Some of the most common diseases affecting men are heart diseases, cancer and stroke. Those diseases often occur due to heavy smoking, high blood pressure and high colesterol. Other risk factors for mens health are stress, lack of sleep and excessive consumption of alcohol.

Compared to us beautiful fairys, men don't like to visit the doctors for a regular medical check up. If they got the itching or something seems to be strange, the drugstore got another customer. You can talk until your hair turns grey, your sweetheart will wait until the itching turns into a red blistered butt, then and only then, he will :-) But this red view would really be the smallest problem.

Prostate cancer kills more than 27000 men a year, most of them older than 60. Typical symptoms can be a delayed or slow urinary stream, signs of blood in the urine, backpain or straining when urinating.

Colon cancer is just as dangerous. It was diagnosed in more than 140000 people in 2011 and is the fourt most common cancer. Symptoms can be blood in stool, digestive difficulties like constipation or diarrhea, weightloss and tiredness.

Coronary artery disease This occurs when the coronary arteries are blocked caused by too much cholesterol, fat deposits and waste products through smoking. It's the most common type of all heart diseases and affects many men and woman throughout the world.

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Leading a healthy lifestyle can increase the lifespan and vitality for many years. This includes sporting activities like swimming, cycling, jogging and regular muscular training. Healthy foods like nuts, rice, wholemeal products, eggs, cheese, soybean products, fish and lean meat contain valuable vitamins, nutrients and strength-building substances which are very important for mens health.

To my delight men like to take care of their skin too. In the past years I had many male clients for cosmetical treatments. Male skin has specific characteristics. Their skin contains more collagen and fatty deposits which reduces premature wrinkling, but puperty problems like pimples, blackheads and oily skin are much more numerous and larger than among women.

A daily skin care routine is also important when it comes to mens health. Depending on the skins condition different kinds of cleansing and care products should be used for the daily treatment.

Cleansing milk is best for dry, sensitive skin. Many cleansing milks contain ingredients which moisturise the skin during the cleansing procedure.

Cleansing gel is best for combination and oily skin. Mild adstringend substances clean the skin thoroughly with light degreasing effects.

Creams and lotions should be used daily to provide the skin with vitamins and soothing substances, especially after shaving.

Masks have a calming, relaxing and soothing effect and should be applied to the skin once a week.

I recommend you to choose organic skin care products. These products are free of preservatives, artificial colorings, mineral oil and fragrance and will prevent allergic reactions on your skin.

Shaving is always a stressful procedure for mens skin. To avoid irritations and red bumps, always shave in the direction your hair grows. A gentle shaving foam will soften the hair but make sure that you wet your skin properly. Some like to shave dry but wet shaving is better and more gentle. Make sure you change the rasor blades regularly and do not glide over the shaved parts of the face too often.

Overweight and beer belly are a common thread for mens health too. Many men like to eat and drink too much which often results in fat deposits in abdomen, thighs and hips. A well balanced diet which includes a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, less sugar and fat and regular exercise can help to loose weight and improve the physical condition.

Alcohol and soft drinks contain a large amount of sugar and increase the risk of gaining weight. Better choices are mineral water, fresh fruit juices or fruit and water mixes. Please avoid the intake of slimming pills. It cost you a lot of money and in most cases they are absolutely useless.

Keeping up to a few lifestyle changes can prevent illnesses and play a important role when it comes to mens health. So just make up your mind, make some changes and always walk on the bright side of life :-)

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