Magical Mascara

Mascara, who could do without it ? It's an absolute must for beautiful eyes. Nothing else gives you this breath-taking look to win the flirt of your life. If that doesn't work you propably choosed the wrong brand :-)

This liquid color was used in ancient times and made its journey from egypt and africa to europe. So Cleopatra new which effect her dark lashes would have on men ! Since then the cosmetic market has been flooded with this special dye. And to our great delight it is available to us in a variety of handy applicators and colors. Besides black, you find blue and brown too. But the best effect for a magical look is and always will be the blackest mascara. I personally use nothing else to get the VIPs :-)

This great cosmetic product simply beautifies our eyes and was first developed in the 19th century by two chemists, Rimmel and TL Williams. They discovered a substance which is known today under the name of vaseline. Then mixed it with coal and developed it further. Still it wasn't the non plus ultra they had hoped for.

Until the 1950s when Helena Rubinstein changed the beauty recipe into a more liquid consistency, simply filled it in a small tube and hit the cosmetic market. From there the formula has been constantly refined until today, with the result that we can choose from a large variety of different eyelash brands.

Whether you choose the waterproof or standard variante, one thing is for sure, your eyes will look great. Nothing else gives your eye area this fascinating impression, except maybe artificial eyelashes. But applying these every day is too time-consuming unless you got your personal make-up artist at home. By now we can choose between thin or thick lash brushes to form even single hairs to the maximum volume.

Some people like to apply the mascara once, then wait til the first coat is dry and follow with a second coating. I personally do it once only, simply because I'm the natural type of woman who still believe less is more :-) But it's up to you, just make sure that your lashes won't break when you coat them twice. After the first coating dried, your lashes got a hard touch, so just be careful.

Extra volume, length and curl is what we expect from our magical beautifier, right ? Substances like sesam oil, castor oil, linseed oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and pigments combined with microfibres doing their job here. And what a great job ! Look into my eyes Baby :-) But sometimes this Baby can unfortunately backfire, in particular if you got sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses. Which means smeared, red and watering eyes...that's it for the great job.

To prevent this unpleasant experience the market offers special mascara brands without fragrance and little wax. Very suitable for contact lens wearers and people who suffer from allergys. I can confirm this because I got lenses myself. And believe me, I don't like to look like a one-eyed pirate at the end of a great evening when I'm getting the chance for the flirt of my life.

Just're having a nice conversation with the object of your desire, and suddenly you get the pricking ! All because you got the wrong mascara, you have to jump off like a wild bee, leaving your flirt behind and end up in the closet rubbing like crazy, hoping you'll be back to normal having the can't resist me hollywood look. Hopefully !

Finding the right mascara can test your patience. A good brand should be highly compatible, easy to apply, have a fine texture and don't smudge. Quality counts here because special substances not only lengthen your lashes but also nourish them to grow beautiful. It's a good idea to divide your lashes with a small brush while they are still moist to prevent fly legs.

And never forget to remove the dye before you go to sleep. This is very important to prevent your lashes from breaking and possible irritations to your eyes. Special eye make-up removers are best for this. Simply use a cotton wool pad and softly remove the color without rubbing. Follow with a rich eye cream and your ready for your beauty sleep.

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