A Healthy Lifestyle Makes You Smile

A Healthy lifestyle ? Ups, some of us will go deep into their conscience to review the little sins we've made during the week. What about the delicious chocolate bars we had last night just before midnight ? Followed by a blueberry muffin and some creamy banana pie ? Oh, and we didn't had much time to cook because we came home late from work. Preheat the oven and one huge oily pizza meets the grill. Maybe some walnut ice cream afterwarts ? I already hear the zippers burst :-))

Next thing you know is, your clock's ringing early in the morning after a restless sleep because your belly rumbled whole night trying to digest all the heavy food and sugar you was eating. Jump out of bed straight into your pants, the big boss is waiting, and bang...pants don't fit, burst your zip :-) With all that stress you reach at your office surrounded by chain smokers, your sight is somehow getting foggy and you just got to have a huge cup of hot black coffee to make it through the day.

Believe me, some people live this way during the 365 days of the year. That's far from staying healthy and will do more harm than good in the long run. But it's not difficult to start living a healthy lifestyle, you just need to make some changes and get going. This will have so many benefits for you because it prevents premature aging. And each one of us like the thought of staying young and active for a long time. Many diseases which are caused by stress and wrong eating habits can be prevented. Just think of heart diseases caused by too much colesterol and fat. Overweight, joint diseases, respiratory disorders and the list goes on.

The earlier you begin to change your eating habits and avoid stress as much as you can, the better. Adults and children react very sensitive to irregular eating and sleeping habits. Especially children are at risk here because their body is still developing and needs a daily routine. But also people doing shift work are endangered.

Sure, sometimes it's not always easy to keep up with the plans we made for ourselfs, but important is to stick to what we decided to change. For example not spending too much time in front of our computer. I know it can be so tempting ! It has a unpleasant side effect though... if your bad lucky you end up getting a broad butt :))

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Leading a healthy lifestyle combines physical activity, healthy diet, no smoking, not too much alkohol and enough sleep. And another important factor, a positive attitude towards life. If you think positive life is much better, if you got the negative vibes it will mess up your life. That's fact !

So with that in mind take a look in your fridge and sort out all the high calorie temptations. No, not all at once, take your time to make some changes. Inform yourself about the ingredients, like high levels of sugar, fat, salt and flavor enhancers by reading the labels on the back of the food packages you buy. Believe me, you'll be surprised how much trash you find. Avoid these products and switch over to foods of value.

What about sweets ? All I can say is, I'm a chocoholic and I'm sure many of you are too. I try to keep up with my healthy lifestyle but when this delicious tempting brownie is calling me there's no chance I could resist. And you shouldn't either. The worst thing you can do is to cut off all the pleasures in life at once. If you want to nibble, do it.

Be Mrs.or Mr. Nibble for a while, enjoy your bite but do it before midnight. Late night nibbling causes belly flaps :-)) And we don't want to be flapping around, right ? Just control eating sweets and you will still be on the safe side without having to fear that your Sweetheart won't say...Baby be mine tonight.

Make a healthy lifestyle plan for yourself and live up to it. Over the years you will see the positive results when people compliment you about your looks and vitality. So don't care if people might laugh at you and call you a GRAINY. Always remember, you don't live a healthy lifestyle to please others. You do this for yourself !

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