The Right Face Cream

Finding a good face cream can really be a challenge. But to obtain a beautiful skin it is very important to choose the right one. Just like every person is different, there are also different skin types with different needs. And to suit these individual needs you should know which type of skin you have and which product will be most suitable.

We Differenciate Between Four Skin Types

Normal skin

Dry skin

Oily skin

Demanding skin

Normal skin is well circulated with a rosy smooth texture and fine pores.The fat and moisture content are balanced and therefore impurities are very rare. Even though this skin type is uncomplicated it still needs regular care. Most suitable are products which are moisturising and caring with a good protection against free radicals.

Dry skin has a disturbed regulation of the fat and moisture content that often leads to a tension feeling and itching. The reasons for this can be hereditary, but also too much sun exposure, solarium, very cold temperatures or unsuitable skin care. Some people who have this skin type even tend to get neurodermatitis.

I recommend skin care which are rich of natural oils like Jojoba oil or Evening Primrose oil and vitamin A and B. These ingredients nourish dry skin and help her to regain its natural balance and elasticity. Ideal for neurodermatitis are skin lotions containing lipids and ceramides, of course naturally based because they strengthen the lipid barrier of this sensitive skin.

Oily skin is caused by an increased amount of lipids due to overactive sebaceous glands. This skin type is often large-pored and tends to skin impurities like pimples and blackheads. Because of the increased sebum production inflammation can occur when acne bacteria penetrate into the blocked pores.

This requires intensive and regular care in order to approve the skins appearance. Face creams should be very light, moisturising and have an anti inflammatory and antibacterial effect. By no means should products for this skin type be too rich in fat.

Demanding skin needs a special care. Beginning at the age of 40 the skin looses elasticity and the sebum production slows down. This leads to wrinkle formation, dryness and a tired complexion. An anti aging skin care to restore the balance of lipids and moisture will be optimal.

To reach this goal I recommend the use of face creams containing a high level of vitamin E, because it increases the moisture content and slows down the skin aging process. Products containing Hyaluronic acid and vitamin A are very good to regain a youthful appearance again. Vitamin E skin care is also very helpful in the treatment of pigmentation spots.

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