My Dry Skin Care Guideline

Finding the right dry skin care can often be a challenge.This skintype needs an intensive and gentle care because of a lack of lipids and moisture.

The causes for dry skin are often...wrong treatment with unsuitable products containing mineral oil in high concentrations, agressive cleaning substances, to much exposure to sunlight and solarium, the natural aging process and genetic disposition.

Therefore it is extremly important to pay attention which dry skin care you choose for your daily care. Intensive research results show that cosmetics containing mineral oil will damage the natural skin barrier and clog pores causing an affection of the skins breathability. And this will not improve the skins condition.

If you already tried several cosmetics without getting the desired results then it is time to change your cleansing and care products. Please remember, a high quality skin care should contain compatible and healthy ingredients to improve its natural balance.

Here are my Beauty Tips for dry Skin

Please avoid commercial products. Better... Choose a bionome cosmeticline. These products are very skin friendly, do not contain mineral oil, and the risk of allergys are low.


Wash your face not only with water. Best are mild cleansing milk or cleansing gel containing plant based ingredients,for example hyaluronic acid or aloe vera.This are very good active substances which moisturises your complexion and at the same time protecting it from drying out.

To refresh, purify and refine the pores, a gentle tonic should be applied with a cotton pad to leave your skin soft and hydrated.


Occasionally a gentle exfoliation peeling will remove dead skin cells and enables the skin to rejuvenate and breathe again. Don't use this too often, once a month will be enough, massage it gently onto your face and then rinse off with warm water.

Intensive care

Dry skin needs special intensive care to prevent premature wrinkling. Cremes containing specific vitamins like E and A, provitamin B5 are best to regenerate, rejuvenate and protect your complexion. And they are fantastic for a fresh glowing eye area. Body lotions enriched with jojobaoil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and evening primrose oil are very nourishing and will keep your skin soft and smooth.

Especially evening primrose oil is highly recommended for dry rough and scaly skin.This oil is a rich and natural source of unsaturated fatty acids in particular gamma-linolenic acid. People with neurodermatitis make very good experiences with this special plant oil as it does not burn, soothes and calms the skin and helps her to regenerate again. This truly is a very special and effective ingredient of dry skin care.

Please keep in mind...

Stick to your natural skin care and do not combine them with other commercial products. In this way you will prevent irritations or allergyc reactions which can make the condition of your sensitive skintype even worse again.

Take care of yourself regularly morning and night and you will see how your skins condition will improve.

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