Depilation is the long lasting removal of undesired body or facial hair. This method only removes the visible part of the hair without the root. Today, not only woman but also many man are open for this treatment. The quickest way to remove body hair is the use of disposable razors, often used for the armpit, bikini area and legs. A quick shaving under the shower and the hair is gone. The negative side effect, it won't be gone for long. Some people tend to use one and the same disposable razor more often but this can lead to redness and itching spots.

The best way to get a professional depilation is to contact your beautician. Even if you are not a woman. I've already had some man for this treatment, its perfectly alright. And every good cosmetician will advice you the best way she can to get rid of your body hair. But she won't use disposable razors :-)) No, it will be a little more unpleasant but much more effective. To get a good result, the hair you want to remove should not be too short to prevent it from breaking off and ingrowth. In some cases if the hair is too long it will be cut to the right length.

If the choice is warm waxing, the wax will be heated and then applied to the hair in a thin layer. I like to work with wax applicators, the so called roll-on system because it's easy and clean to work with. Then special wax stripes are applied and quickly peeled off. Most times against the direction of hair growth for better results. I also prepare the skin with a little powder before, this way the hair and wax combines much better and the waxed area shows less irritations. It is very important to pay attention to whirled hair as it tend to grow in different directions.

Cold wax is another way to remove undesired hair. You can find this product for home use in drugstores where it is offered mostly as cold wax strips. This wax is already applied to the strips and are ready to use. Here again, your legs or other body regions should be well prepared, which means the skin must be clean and dry so the wax can get a good grip of the hair. Some people find this method less painful but it also depends on your skintype. Whether you choose warm or cold depilation the skin will be irritated and it is not completely painless.

Even when the skin is hold tightly and the wax is pulled off it can happen that a little bleeding of the pores will occur. Especially very sensitive areas like the bikini zone and armpits often show this reactions. It is very important that you prevent perfume, hot foam baths, extreme sun exposure and chlorine water for at least 24 hours. And your skin should be healthy without any irritations or inflammations before you wax.

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Epilation is a very effective treatment and it differs from depilation and waxing because the hair is removed near the root and therefore takes much longer to grow back again. Epilation can be a little unpleasant but after a few treatments the pain reduces. To describe it feels like pinpricks :(( If you use a epilation unit make sure your hair is not too short, otherwise it will break off and grow in. My experience on this one ... It's best to do this in the evening so the irritated skin can soothe during the night. Here too, a few sessions are necessary to get long lasting results.

It's always good to take a warm shower before waxing or epilation because it leaves the hair soft and makes it easier to remove it. And it is very important to apply soothing products to the treated areas containing aloe vera or chamomille to reduce redness and irritations. If you follow these simple tips I'm sure you will be happy with the results and enjoy life without undesired hair.

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