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The consumption of cigarettes is the worsed thing you can do to damage your health. Not only that it stinks but it has so many negative side effects for your body.The risk to get cancer is much higher for smokers than non smokers, not to mention arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and smoker's leg. More than 1 billion people worldwide are tobacco users and most of them die at a early age because of the diseases I mentioned above.

The smoke contains about 7000 chemicals, most of them highly toxic and cancer causing. The tobacco industry earns millions of dollars a year at the expense of peoples health. And sadly more an more teenagers become addicted. But also for non smokers the inhalation of tobacco smoke is very dangerous. We call this passive smoking and in many cases people who have been exposed to toxic smoke got lung or larynx cancer.

So I was very happy when the goverment decited a smoking ban in restaurants, train stations, bars and public buildings. Now I can come home after a night dancing and still smell like vanilla instead of smelling stinky like a skunk :-)

Have You Ever Been Kissed By A Smoker ?

cigarettes, smoking, anti aging skin care

How did it feel and how did it smell ? YUCKY...Where is my toothbrush ! I think you guessed it by now, yes I'm a good girl :-) Everytime I tell people that I don't like cigarettes and alcohol I'm looked at like if I'm E.T from out of space. To me it's normal and I'm glad I never had the tendency to do so. But in my daily work as a beautician I'm often confronted with premature skin aging caused by too much nicotine.

This substance is very addictive and makes it very hard for consumers to quit. And it gives your complexion a grey and pale appearance. You must know that everytime you smoke a cigarette it leaves poison and waste substances in the deeper layers of your skin. Over time this will result in clogged pores, a poor bloodcirculation and finally wrinkling. Which means you end up looking older much sooner then you think. If you're bad lucky even your grandmother might look younger than you do.

Hey granny, wave it to the left, wave it to the right, you look like dynamite :-))

To quit smoking is the best decision you can make for your health. Not only that it saves you money, your body also benefits from it in many ways. Your veins will remain free of toxic waste products, your lungs free of tar which results in healthy breathing, it prevents high blood pressure and all kinds of the most dangerous cancers like lung cancer, breast cancer, liver and kidney cancer. Smokers even got mouth and throat cancer ! So why risk your health and young appearance for some cigarettes which absolutely don't have any benefits for your well beeing.

And you don't have to be a chain smoker, even occasional smoking is dangerous. See the wrinkles around your mouth ? That's another bad side effect of this addiction. Everytime you purse your lips to take a pull another wrinkle is right there waiting. The more often you do this the quicker wrinkling will occur around the mouth area.You pull the smoke in and then blow it out again. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen you got the blow !

Women who smoke have a greater chance to get complications during their pregnancy, and the unborn child can become addicted too even before it's born. Just think about that ! In some cases babys have died already because the mothers continued smoking cigarettes. There's no way around it. Cigarettes are dangerous and will result in serious health problems. If you want to enjoy a happy and longer life stay away from tobacco. Your body and your skin will thank you for it.

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