Body Language

Your body language also plays an important role when speaking of anti aging. Believe me, the way you present yourself will either give you the crispy, juicy appearance or let you look like...Oh Mama What A Drama :-)

If I'm serious about this ? Yes I am. Think about it, how many people have you seen walking in the streets and your head is saying Oh Goodness ! No class, No style, No rhythm, No smile ! At a young age we are very anxious about our presence and the way we act. And we should never loose this positive attitude when we get older.

The way we move actually shows a great part of our personality and how others react upon us. The gestures we make, our facial impressions combined with our body posture makes everyone of us unique.

People with a positive attitude are easily recognizable because they're walking around with a smile on their face, swinging the hips from left to right and are always ready for a good joke. There's laughter and fun. The opposite is the negative vibration. A frown face with hanging corners of the mouth, the boo boo eye look and hips that doesn't swing but rather crush.

Bang Bang :-) So much about body language of most people.

Many times I hear sentences like, Aah, I'll be fourty next month and I'm feeling so old, I can't wear this kind of clothes anymore and I'm too old now to go out dancing, my hair is getting grey and I need a short cut. You must be kidding ! Your goal should be to keep yourself young, not only in looks but also at heart. And how do you do that ?

With a positive attitude towards life. Nothing breaks your style and your body language more than negative thoughts. That's because you are sending out signals subconsciously. You communicate with the world and its people every day in a non-verbal form. Moods like boredom, excitement, happiness, sadness, agression and amusement to name just a few, reflect upon our behavior and gives us a positive or negative public image. Even the way we look at others and our movements reveals how we feel at that moment.

Okay, I'll make an example. Think about this situation. You are at some location, maybe your favorite cafe or club enjoying your breakfast or just drinking a beer. And suddenly out of nowhere your eyes catch Mr. or Mrs. universe. Nice body, nice face, shining teeth and perfume seems to be good too. You immediately grow 3 inces taller than you really are ( by the way I'm a 5'3.7 162 cm only :) your eyes get big like Chris Tuckers and you slightly begin to sway from left to right. Maybe your fork even falls on your plate catching the attention of your object of desire.

She or he is either positive or negative amused and that is the reaction you'll be getting. If you're lucky the opposite will grow some inces taller too and blinds you with a shining smile ( sun glasses :-) and keeps your company joining the swaying. There you go...same body language and the flirt goes on. If it's not your lucky day you'll get a flushed face reaction, a stiff grin instead of a bright smile ( sun glasses off :-) and you end up seeing the back of a crashed hip.

It's the vibration we all send out with our eyes, hands, our mimic and body movements that gives others a impression of our personality. That's why it is important to know how we carry ourselves and check on us periodically. It doesn't matter how young or old we are, it's always good to keep it smooth. Sure, life is not always easy and different circumstances can affect us and our living conditions. Believe me I've experienced this myself. But being motivated to make the best out of your personal situation will always show in your body language.

I don't say walking around smiling like a clown whole day is the non plus ultra. Keep it natural, just be yourself. Sending out positive vibrations by the way you walk and talk will most likely result in positive feedback from the people around you. And it makes life easier too. If you happen to see someone slurping down the street with its head hanging down, just stop and say... Hey, make body language your thing with a little Sing and Swing :-)

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