Mister Blisters

Blisters can be a painful experience and I'm sure almost all of us had to deal with this problem already. They look like bumps and are filled with a clear fluid, called plasma. Common causes for this little buggers under your feet are intense rubbing wearing new or uncomfortable shoes. Blisters can vary in size and appear on your heels, toes, the sole of the feet but also on hands. Especially warm temperatures can erase the formation of this unpleasant problem if the feet are sweating during long jogging activities or through repetitive motions by handicraft work.

The best way to prevent this unwanted side effect is to be very picky and select your footgear wisely. The object of your desire should be comfortable and fit your feet perfectly. Also the material of which the shoes are made of is a important point you should consider. Seams being badly processed, airtight material and soles which are too hard and unflexible can make each step you make unbearable. Very often these symptomes are ignored because the shoes are looking so nice and the next dancehall is waiting for us. But so is Mister Blisters !

To prevent this unpleasant meeting you can take some precautions. First of all wearing good footgear as I mentioned above. But new shoes must be worn well too, so very helpful can be pressure pads which you put on the endangered areas before you hit the cat walk :-)) If you decide to go hiking and climb the highest mountain, taping a protective layer of padding on the most risky parts of the feet will also be a effective protection. Closed shoes causes the feet to sweat, therefore it's best to wear cotton wool socks because they keep your feet drier and can prevent the formation of this painful skin injuries.

Our feet are changing when we age and shoes we used to be comfortable with might not fit us anymore as they used too. Trying to force our feet into inappropriate footwear will definately lead to foot complains and undesired pressure points. So what can we do if we realise we've got the water balloons ?

Here Are A Few Tips To Ease The Pain

Clean your feet with a mild soap and water. You can also take a warm footbath if you like.

Wash your hands and apply some skin desinfectant to the affected area.

If you have a small blood lancette or needle desinfect again.

Carefully puncture the blister until the liquid drains out.

Apply a salve containing antibacterial substances to start the healing process.

Cover the wound with a clean plaster or bandage to prevent infection caused by dirt accumulation.

After a few days you'll notice that the blister has dried out, then simply cut away the dead skin.

Finish with some more ointment and protect the skin area with plaster until its completely healed.

Ignore rubbing and pinching shoes, simply get rid of them, take a ride to the shopping mall and treat your feet with some comfortable shoes. In other words, make them feel like walking on clouds :-) If you carry out handicraft work it's best to protect your hands with gloves to reduce the pressure on the palms of your hands. Be attentive during the healing process, and if you notice any signs of irritation or infection combined with some pain then I recommend you to see a doctor for further treatment.

And if you see Mister Blister standing in line, simply walk up to him and say...I'm walking on sunshine :-)

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