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Blackheads can really be a plague. It's not only that young people in puperty have to deal with this skin proplem, but increasingly adults too.These dark spots appear most frequently for acne, mixed or oily skin and often turn into a persistent proplem. We also call them open comedones. Why open ? Are they living in darkness all the time and only open a window now and then to see the sunlight ? No:-)) If your skin is very oily, this exessive oil will accumulate in your sebaceous glands and eventually plug your pores. After some time this results in a little bump of accumulated oil, the pores gets occluded and when exposed to the air they turn black. We call this oxidation.

These dark spots are not only annoying, they can turn into really bad inflamed pimples as well.This is caused by Bacteria and hormonal disorders in case of acne skin, but also during pregnancy, stress or even wrong eating habits. But there is another factor too which can increase the formation of blackheads. If you take a look at your cosmetic products and read the INCI declaration you often find names like Paraffinum-Liquidum, Petrolatum, Cera Microcristallina to name just a few. Most people don't understand a thing when reading this, including me before I became a beautician. And finally the big question mark on my little face turned into a smile saying I GOT IT :-)

It is nothing more than mineral oil. Many cosmetic lines, also some of the most expensive ones are produced on this basis. The proplem here is, that this oil won't give you a pleasant skin feeling because it contains no vitamins or essential fatty acids. Another disadvantage is that cosmetics with a high proportion of mineral oil build a greasy film on the skin and are therefore absolutely unsuitable to fight impurities. So if your skin care contains mineral oil, the best thing you can do is to change your products completely. That already will be a big step in the right direction to become a much better complexion.

When you choose a natural product line you will soon see an improvement of your skins condition. It takes a little patience but it's worth. Your skin can breathe again because the pores won't be clogged anymore by cheap oils and slowly but surely becomes clearer. Do make a gentle peeling once or maybe twice a month to remove dead skin cells, but try and avoid squeezing out your blackheads by yourself. I know sometimes you will be tempted :-) But it's better not to, if you don't want to end up with one huge red glowing infected bump on your face ! And most times this happens when you're having a date, right ?

If you can't resist squeezing them out you should carefully try this with a tissue wrapped around your fingers to avoid damages on your skin.This way you prevent bacteria from getting into your pores. Important is that you really squeeze out all the sebum to avoid inflammations. Afterwards it's best to finish this procedure with an alcohol free tonic. Whether you are young or even older, a regular natural skin care with skin compatible ingredients and a healthy diet can help to clear your skin and get a beautiful complexion again with less or even no more blackheads.

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