Allergic Reaction On Cosmetics

Allergic reactions are always a bad experience

Wondering why your favorite anti aging cream you have been using for years is suddenly causing proplems on your skin? Such reactions are often caused by foreign substances. Many cosmetic products contain them, but they are a risk to every consumer especially when you have sensitive skin.

Some of these substances can even let you look older then you really are

And they can make your skin sick in the long run

Not a nice thought, right ?

But you can do something to avoid this, by informing yourself in advance about beauty products of good quality and those which simply contain too much chemicals. Conventional cosmetics always contain a high level of substances foreign to the skin. Mineral oil, fragrance, preservatives to name just a few. These do not belong on your skin and can cause very unpleasant allergic reactions.

Which Allergic Reactions on Cosmetics did you have ?

Did you ever have allergic reactions on cosmetic products ? Share your story here !

Isn't it terrible to have burning and itching just because of cheap cosmetic raw materials ?

And just think of how much time it takes before your skin is back to normal after you 've been to a dermatologist. Afterwards you may be uncertain and don't really know which skin care to choose. And you are absolutely right, thinking of the wide range of cosmetic products on the market. It is important to know which ingredients are contained, keeping your skin healthy and the risk of an allergic reaction very low.

Meaning, beeing extremly compatible. This high compatibility can only be reached by high quality raw materials as a basic for cosmetic. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, healthy skin care begins right there.

Many care lines, also so-called natural cosmetics do not meet this requirements. What sense does it make if out of, let's say twenty ingredients only five are of natural origin and the rest is pure chemical. That really has nothing to do with natural, healthy skin care. Many of these substances can lead to allergys and even premature skin aging.

The reason for that is because over a long period of time your skin will store these substances and sooner or later react to them. Even very expensive cosmetic products are often rich of vaseline, silicon oils or parabenes. These are really the cheapest oils and doesn't have any positive effect on your skin. So are a variety of parabenes which are also looked at very critical.

The skin as our largest organ has to cope with so many negative invironmental influences every day. It reacts very sensitive to coldness and heat, air pollution, stress, wrong nutrition, alcohol, smoking and free radicals. All this is already harmful to our skin and now just imagine the damage it will cause applying unsuitable skin products additionally.

Some consumers may never have any skin proplems, but a great many will. In the past years allergic reactions have increased and many cosmetic manufacturers fortunately began to change the contents of their products. That is a very positive development that will contribute that healthy skin care is possible.

Bionome skin care perfectly meets all the requirements of healthy and compatible skin care. These products are made of high quality oils, very special effective vitamins and skin identical substances. On this basis you have a beauty care that will give you visible results especially when it comes to anti aging, you avoid the risks of allergys and you keep your skin young and beautiful. In the long run you'll get compliments and you yourself will have a good feeling everytime you use them.

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