Age spots are a very common skin appearance. They are caused by too much sunlight and can affect old and young people, man and woman. Typical skin areas are the face and hands. Too much UV radiation causes serious damages, and with increasing age as the skin becomes thinner these skin alterations develop. The only way to prevent this is to protect your skin from strong sun exposure beginning at an early age.

These pigmentation disorders are very unattractive and are also known as benign skin lesions. When we age our skin looses its natural ability to protect itself from harmful sunrays. That's why it is so important to act responsible when it comes to clever sun bathing.

The so called melanocytes which are found in our skin produce the melanin pigments which have a protective function. You are lucky if your body has many of them, but some people don't and the skin is not capable to protect itself enough from sunlight, unfortunately resulting in so called agespots. Avoiding too much sun exposure is the best solution here.

But we all love the sun and don't want to miss it. And staying completely out of the sunlight is really impossible. So the only way to avoid the suns negative side effect of age spots is to use high sun protection permanently. If you should already be affected there are possibilitys to remove them.

Some competent dermatologists offering laser therapy with good results. Sometimes a few sessions may be required to successfully remove them. Unfortunately this treatment can cause some side effects like redness, swelling or hypersensitivity, but this reactions normaly disappear after a few days. But even then you should avoid staying in the sun too long.

A treatment with vitamin A can also lead to very good results. This vitamin regenerates damaged skin cells and is therefore very suitable for the treatment of age spots. Special creams containing this vitamin and vitamin A ampoules are the best for your intensive skin care at home.

Vitamin E is a fantastic protection against sun damages. If applied regularly it builds up the skins own protection many times over. Best is to choose skin care products and sun products containing a high level of vitamin E to prepare your skin for the sun. In combination with Vitamin E supplements for internal use you lay a good basis for the prevention of age spots and premature skin aging.

Gentle fruit acid treatments can be successful but only if applied regularly, and normaly more then one treatment will be necessary to see visible results. Fruit acid helps to renew skin cells and have a brightening effect.

Good results can also be achieved using bleaching creams containing watercress. This natural plant substance brightens dark skin alterations in a gentle way. Fresh lemon juice or apple cider which are good home remedies, applied several times a day or even left on your skin over night can be very helpful too.

Still, High Sun Protection Is The Best Protection !

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